A widowed father loses his only son in a tragic car accident, tries to deal
with the pain and then finds that forgiveness can be the ultimate healer.

I retraced the steps we walked when he was just a boy, full of life now gone
The blinding grief obscuring the footprints, indelible in the sands of my mind
The lapping waves at my feet, a threnody uncomforting to my stricken soul
Suffering, an ethereal world full of words unsaid, bereft of hope or meaning

She came…, hands clenched, haunted eyes, hesitantly peering into the abyss
Sombre rose petals scattered on the casket, like the blood-stained glass
On the road that night when she violated her vows to love, honour and cherish
Judgement, aversion to sympathy separating me from the only family I had left

The couch was uninviting, the priest barely less so, my gaping wounds exposed
Matthew 6:14 carouseling around in my mind with my son’s favourite toy
Demons raging, a recurring nightmare as the screams echoed in the daylight
Forgiveness, a maelstrom of antipathy for the unjustifiable, untenable, alien

Life became an unbearable burden, then a private paralysis with time transfixed
Yet a small, still voice reminded me of the kernel of belief that somehow
Had remained embedded in my inebriated desert of semi-consciousness
Growth, sprouting despite the abject conditions, a tenuous grasp on survival, then

She came…, timidly knocking on my heart’s door, but with resolve to reach out
Her tears of heartache a touchstone of soothing rains on barren plains. I cried too
As we experienced a spiritual reawakening full of sharing, feeling a desire for
Oneness, the beginning of compassion and healing transformation based on love