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Enticing Content turns Social Media Followers into Clients.

The social media world is crowded.

As more and more businesses recognise the value and expand into social media, it is getting harder and harder for a company to get their message heard above the noise.

Let The Creative Writer help you stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your preferred audience. We write SEO friendly, enticing, compelling content that encourages engagement by speaking directly to what your clients want.

Why choose The Creative Writer for your social media posts?

o The Four C’s

Our social media posts always follow the Four C’s:

Clear – We avoid complex language
Concise – We keep it brief
Compelling – We make it interesting and relevant
Credible – We show you as the authority

o We research your audience

A lot of businesses make a mistake by trying to put content on every possible social media platform. Once we determine which social networks your ideal prospects frequent, we can then create messages for those platforms that resonate and build relationships.

o We speak your language

Some businesses have clients that respond well to a conversational, almost casual approach. Other businesses have clients that prefer a more professional, sophisticated style.

Whether you need your posts to have a cheerful, serious or concerned tone, The Creative Writer will craft your authentic social media voice.

o We define your purpose

Do you want to instruct? inform? entertain?

Whatever your purpose is, we will infuse emotion eliciting language into your posts to stoke interest and generate desire. We will show the reader how much better their life will be when they take action and contact you.

o We stay in regular contact

By maintaining a regular posting schedule, the reader feels like they get to know you and can therefore trust you.

Then they become more likely to click on posts, respond with likes and positive comments, and share with their friends and colleagues.

The bottom line is that an active positive presence = higher conversion rates.

Let’s talk…

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